Why a ‘Mother-Daughter Getaway’ Isn’t Enough

Hilary Truong
3 min readJul 26, 2022


The internet is full of suggestions for places to go and things to do on a mother-daughter weekend. While these places are lovely, they offer nothing that is specific to nurturing our relationship as mother and daughter.

There are no activities with a goal of strengthening the our bond. They are the same trips that couples, friends or the solo traveler take.

Here’s why we deserve more. Mothers and daughters have a unique lifelong bond that longs to be nurtured.

These ‘trips’ don’t automatically fill in the gaps for us.

Let me break this down for you.

First, these ‘trips’ are marketed as a time to connect, pay tribute to and honor each other but that’s not happening unless YOU make it happen.

No one is setting up moments to help the two of you bond.

While side by side massages are nice, they don’t lend themselves to a deep heart to heart.

Without that moment, mothers and daughters may or may not say what they’ve wanted to, like “thank you, I love when you, what I need from you is, when this happened I felt…how did you feel?”.

They may or may not truly connect about life if one person doesn’t access themselves on a deep level.

They may or may not say what’s needed to be said if they don’t have the language to start that hard-to-have-conversation.

They may or may not go deep out of fear of taking a fun trip to a place they’re unsure they can get out of.

Missed opportunities.

Second, women tend to be people pleasers (or recovered people pleasers, ahem!) which means one or both are not saying what they really want and need.

The pleaser may sacrifice her own happiness on the ‘trip’ to make sure the other is taken care of.

The recovered people pleaser may be in her head making sure to balance having her needs met without being aggressive.

And the woman we might describe as demanding could be totally unaware that all of this is going on for everyone else because she’s happily plugging along taking care of herself and thinking others are too.

Missed opportunities.

Third, women need to be taken care of. Historically women sacrifice themselves to take care of everyone else. We’ve failed to teach women how to identify and meet their own needs. Because of this women’s needs are often neglected and overlooked.

We need to welcome women’s needs and wants.

And they deserve this care CONSISTENTLY.

The average concierge on your ‘trip’ is not aware of this level of detail, though I’d like them to be.

Missed opportunities.

Slapping a ‘mother-daughter trip’ on your calendar isn’t enough.

And if you read carefully you understand it’s not for women with broken relationships, this affects ALL OF US.

I’ve done my work to break the patterns in my family for my mother, myself and my daughter.

Not because we were in a bad place but because I knew there was more for us.

Since then I’ve helped 100’s of women do their work for themselves and future generations of daughters.

I say work but is it really work when you’re sipping wine and feeling the love in Tuscany?

Only you will know if you want more.

My Heirloom Experiences give you what a ‘mother-daughter trip’ can never.

Getting mothers and daughters talking about themselves, their dreams and each other.

Understanding the patterns in their family in order to free yourselves and fulfill that need for MORE.

It is at this level that we feel we can have it ALL.

Inviting women to feel taken care of and ask for what they need in such a way that they are forever changed.

Forever changed.

You’re in a safe, beautiful and loving place to take your relationship to the next level.

What do you want more of in your life?

Understanding, passion, joy, love, acceptance?

Come together or alone, it’s waiting right here for you.

www.hilarymae.com to plan your journey.

Heirloom Mother-Daughter Experiences at Castello di Casole in Tuscany a Belmond Hotel



Hilary Truong

Hilary Truong is a mother-daughter dynamics coach who helps women relax into the most supportive and loving mother-daughter they ever dreamed of.