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2 min readFeb 23, 2023

Why will I never stop talking about how we can save our teen girls from suicide, self harm, depression, sexual exploitation, violence, social media and cyberbullying?

Because it’s within our grasp, it’s not complicated and it will make all the difference for our girl’s wellbeing.

Along with excellent mental health care, we need to keep them in relationship with us.

The recent (February 2023) data from the CDC did not surprise to me. I knew there was an epidemic for teen girls.

I talk to them everyday and they are struggling.

Losing themselves in a world that has let them go.

This is directly connected to parents being told they need to let go of their teens.

Backing off and letting them go at a time when they need them most.

We have failed parents by not teaching them how to stay in relationship during the teen years.

This data needs to wake us up to what we’ve been largely ignoring.

Parents and mental health providers need support to save our girls.

Rest assured, there are solutions.

Girls want to know themselves and feel known by others, how are we showing them?

Here’s what happens when our daughters feel heard and understood by us:

-Girls feeling heard makes them feel important and loved which prevents them from disappearing or disconnecting from themselves.

-Girls feeling grounded in their relationship with their mother improves confidence and resilience because they know they have her unwavering support.

-Girls feeling loved by their mothers develops a stronger sense of self.

-Girls feeling accepted by their mothers feel free to be themselves.

-Girls actively engaging in honest and open conversation with their mothers know their worth and stop seeking outside feedback to remind them of their worthiness.

This reduces anxiety and depression while improving mood and confidence and connecting them to their intuition.

I know we all want to do our best to reach our girls and save them from these statistics.

Don’t let her school or therapist do this work on their own, SHE NEEDS YOU.

The time is now. The answer is here. Get back in relationship with your daughter and watch her unfold into her truest, most loved self.

If you want guidance with your teen daughter, visit www.hilarymae.com for support.

Why Girls Need to be in Relationship With Their Moms
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Hilary Truong

Hilary Truong is a mother-daughter dynamics coach who helps women relax into the most supportive and loving mother-daughter they ever dreamed of.