New Horizons for the Mother-Daughter Relationship

Hilary Truong
2 min readNov 15, 2023


I had the honor of spending an entire day with my beautiful client in the English countryside, uncovering and healing the pain and distance she felt in her relationship with her daughter.

It all began with this one question, “How is this work going to help my relationship with my daughter if she’s not participating?”.

Doubt crept inside as she made the leap to invest and stand behind herself and her need for more. Whether or not her daughter joined her.

So she boarded the flight and showed up for herself and her daughter — by putting the work in.

Being together in person felt magical — like old friends reuniting.

After spending the day diving deep into the patterns in her relationship, her dreams, her pain, her renewed hope, we took a walk through the charming town and found a private lane.

Her playful and curious side came out as she wanted to explore what was off limits.

To take a risk with the chance that fun was waiting on the other side.

What happened was magical to witness.

We discovered a portal to a beautiful countryside view — one that we hadn’t seen the entire trip.

She let herself in through a gate and began spinning like Maria in The Sound of Music.

Arms wide, her face pointed to the sky, I watched her let go and receive all that had come her way that day.

A transformative moment full of hope, peace and self-worth.

One I wish every woman could experience.

Our most playful, loved and confident self joyfully emerging from within.

As women; mothers and daughters, we deserve to understand and grow within our relationships.

Infused with more love and fun, with ourselves and each other.

We no longer have to accept tension, anger, resentment, disappointment or distance in our relationship with our mother or daughter.

Whether you work together or alone to understand and heal your bond, you get to be in the drivers seat with your most intentional self.

I meet my clients where they are, it’s most important they feel safe and cared for as they do this transformative work.

We meet online, in person in the Philadelphia area or I travel to meet you and plan all the details.

Sending you so much love, it’s all possible.

Magic on our Mother-Daughter Relationship Healing Day



Hilary Truong

Hilary Truong is a mother-daughter dynamics coach who helps women relax into the most supportive and loving mother-daughter they ever dreamed of.