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Hilary Truong
4 min readFeb 22, 2022


Mothers and daughters who travel together have the ability to connect on a whole new level. It is through the experience of culture, food and exploration that they give their relationship the gift of growing together.

When mothers and daughters hear about my work for the first time, they immediately tell me what they think are the breakdowns in their relationship. She’s jealous, she was too strict, she’s too demanding, etc. But the truth is it almost always comes down to both mother and daughter not feeling heard or understood.

There’s no surprise that this gets in the way when you’re traveling together as well. Someone is not being honest about what they really want or not listening enough to the other to make sure everyone’s needs are being met. But it’s all totally possible.

Despite what you’ve heard your entire life, mothers and daughters aren’t destined to have more conflict than other relationships. We can get along and even more, love spending time together if we take good care of our relationship. The first step is to listen more and understand your mother/daughter from a place of empathy.

As you are planning the trip, talk about what you both really want to experience while away. Is it to reconnect with each other? Spend a day hiking? Wine tasting? Scuba diving? At the hotel spa? If you’re both honest about what is important to you on the trip and have a goal of everyone feeling satisfied with the agenda, you will have the best chance of feeling heard and understood.

If boundaries are difficult to hold or conflict arises about the same topic over and over, you might consider working with a professional before you trip in order to put a voice to this pain and be able to finally release it.

As women, we deserve healthy relationships with our mothers and daughters. No need to dread extended time together or feel as if you could never travel together, there are real solutions to our breakdowns that work for us all.

How could it possibly be that easy, you ask? Because there are common themes in our relationship that cause a disconnect, once you know what you’re looking for, it’s a matter of putting a voice to it, changing it and moving on. This is the work I do with mothers and daughters everyday, most of them feeling the life changing effects in our very first session.

Give yourself the gift of beautiful travel, delicious food, activities that nurture your body and soul while sprinkling in experiences with nature to ground you in your true selves. This will bond you to each other in the past, present and future. It’s all very possible and we all deserve to enjoy this beautiful relationship, so go ahead and get started creating new memories in your relationship.

A beautiful mother-daughter experience in London this spring:

Book your stay at the Portobello Hotel right in beautiful Notting Hill and enjoy restful sleep in your own room or make it a sleepover!

Start your day with a leisurely breakfast at Egg Break, a hop skip and a jump from the hotel.

Walk through beautiful Hyde Park on your way to the Beatrix Potter exhibition at The Victoria & Albert Museum to reminisce about childhood.

Wander into one of London’s most beautiful neighborhoods, Belgravia, to enjoy the shops and bars in full bloom for spring.

Stop for a pasta lunch at il Pampero.

Savor the sunset and pastel colored houses from Primrose Hill. Bring a picnic basket filled with wine and cheeses to enjoy on the grass. You’ll be able to enjoy some of London’s landmarks while reviewing the highlights from your day.

Take in Lotus Beauty, a story about intertwined lives of five multigenerational women at the Hampstead Theatre.

Enjoy a post show slow down at Bobby Fitzpatrick. Share stories of the generations of women in your own family while enjoying a cocktail or two. You are bound to discover something you never knew.

Most of all, enjoy creating new memories and working through any difficult points that come up that will test your relationship and allow you to come out even stronger on the other side.

For those who are ready to take their mother-daughter weekend to next level to have all the details planned for you, with growth in your relationship in mind, reach out to experience a Bespoke Mother-Daughter Travel Experience guided by Hilary Truong.

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